What We Believe In

Mulytic Labs launched the initiative “Technology initiative - empower women and girls to create innovative solutions in STEM and IT,” under a project named “Project Athena”, developed, funded and implemented by the Mulytic Labs with the support of AIUB, Dhaka Bangladesh. Through an ambitious, comprehensive and targeted capacity-building and mentoring program, this project aims to support the accelerated career advancement of women who have passion in the field of technology. It intends to develop their full personal potential and increase their confidence and skills to become effective employees, decision makers and thus closing the general gap in technology. Specifically, closing the gender technology gap means helping girls access training and educational opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and IT (information technology) by means of:

1. Increasing their knowledge of state of the art cloud technologies
2. Enabling them to develop sound, comprehensive and convincing business plans
3. Facilitating professional exchanges and peer-to-peer mentoring

Mulytic Labs long term vision with Technology Initiative
1. Improved access to and control of technology for women and girls, especially in remote and marginalized areas
2. Creative technology-based solutions to key gender equality issues like education, health, and economic empowerment
3. Safer online spaces for women and girls, and women’s organizing
4. More women and girls playing leadership roles in designing and shaping technology
5. Stronger, more inclusive national and global women’s movements, collaborating regularly to share resources and ideas, and develop common advocacy strategies